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Practice of hand hygiene and use of protective gloves: Differences in the perception between patients and medical staff

American Journal of Infection Control (2018)


Marta Wałaszek, Małgorzata Kołpa, Anna Różańska, Zdzisław Wolak, Małgorzata Bulanda, Jadwiga Wójkowska-Mach
Safe removal of gloves from contact precautions: The role of hand hygiene

American Journal of Infection Control (2018)


Susan Jain, Kate Clezy, Mary-Louise McLaws
Use of a verbal electronic audio reminder with a patient hand hygiene bundle to increase independent patient hand hygiene practices of older adults in an acute care setting

American Journal of Infection Control (2018)


Shanina C. Knighton, Mary Dolansky, Curtis Donskey, Camille Warner, Herleen Rai, Patricia A. Higgins
Effect of electronic real-time prompting on hand hygiene behaviors in health care workers

American Journal of Infection Control (2018)


Steven Pong, Pamela Holliday, Geoff Fernie
Googling your hand hygiene data: Using Google Forms, Google Sheets, and R to collect and automate analysis of hand hygiene compliance monitoring

American Journal of Infection Control (2018)


Timothy L. Wiemken, Stephen P. Furmanek, William A. Mattingly, Janet Haas, Julio A. Ramirez, Ruth M. Carrico
The development of hand hygiene compliance imperatives in an emergency department

American Journal of Infection Control (2017)


Annette Jeanes, Pietro G. Coen, Nicolas S. Drey, Dinah J. Gould
Effect of hand hygiene on infectious diseases in the office workplace: A systematic review

American Journal of Infection Control (2017)


Paul N. Zivich, Abigail S. Gancz, Allison E. Aiello
Evaluation of an automated ultraviolet-C light disinfection device and patient hand hygiene for reduction of pathogen transfer from interactive touchscreen computer kiosks

American Journal of Infection Control (2017)


Heba Alhmidi, Jennifer L. Cadnum, Christina T. Piedrahita, Amrita R. John, Curtis J. Donskey
Positive deviance and hand hygiene of nurses in a Quebec hospital: What can we learn from the best?

American Journal of Infection Control (2017)


Josiane Létourneau, Marie Alderson, Annette Leibing
Differences in psychosocial determinants of hand hygiene between health care professional groups: Insights from a mixed-methods analysis

American Journal of Infection Control 46, 3 (2018)


Muhamad Alif Bin Ibrahim, Chengzi Chow, Bee Fong Poh, Brenda Ang, Angela Chow
Pilot study of digital tools to support multimodal hand hygiene in a clinical setting

American Journal of Infection Control 46, 3 (2018)


Gary Thirkell, Joanne Chambers, Wayne Gilbart, Kerrill Thornhill, James Arbogast, Gerard Lacey
Patients’ potential role in the transmission of health care-associated infections: Prevalence of contamination with bacterial pathogens and patient attitudes toward hand hygiene


Nancy Istened, DO, CMD, James Bingham, MS, Susan Hazelett, RN, MS, et al.
Article Categories: Hand Hygiene Compliance,Hand Hygiene Guidelines,Hand Hygiene Promotion,Hand Washing Techniques,Patient Hand Hygiene,Point of Care,Product Efficacy
Patient-centered hand hygiene: The next step in infection prevention


Author(s): Timothy Landers, Said Abusalem, Mary-Beth Coty, James Bingham