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Comparative efficacy of a simplified handwashing program for improvement in hand hygiene and reduction of school absenteeism among children with intellectual disability

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Regina L.T. Lee, Cynthia Leung, Wah Kun Tong, Hong Chen, Paul H. Lee
A point prevalence survey on hand hygiene, with a special focus on  species

American Journal of Infection Control (2015)


Christina Brühwasser, Guido Hinterberger, Wolfgang Mutschlechner, Josef Kaltseis, Cornelia Lass-Flörl, Astrid Mayr
Reflection on observation: A qualitative study using practice development methods to explore the experience of being a hand hygiene auditor in Australia

American Journal of Infection Control (2015)


Susan Jain, Denise Edgar, Janine Bothe, Helen Newman, Annmaree Wilson, Beth Bint, Megan Brown, Suzanne Alexander, Joanna Harris
Impact of hand hygiene on the infectious risk in nursing home residents: A systematic review

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Mounia N. Hocine, Laura Temime
Qualitative findings from focus group discussions on hand hygiene compliance among health care workers in Vietnam

American Journal of Infection Control (2015)


Sharon Salmon, Mary-Louise McLaws
Quantification of hand hygiene compliance in anesthesia providers at a tertiary care center in northern India

American Journal of Infection Control (2015)


Neeru Sahni, Manisha Biswal, Komal Gandhi, Sandhya Yaddanapudi
Improved hand hygiene compliance after eliminating mandatory glove use from contact precautions—Is less more?

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Alexia Cusini, Doris Nydegger, Tanja Kaspar, Alexander Schweiger, Rolf Kuhn, Jonas Marschall
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of health care personnel concerning hand hygiene in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences hospitals, 2013-2014

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Milad Hosseinialhashemi, Fatemeh Sadeghipour Kermani, Charles John Palenik, Hamid Pourasghari, Mehrdad Askarian
Following the trail of prior research: A closer look at hand hygiene compliance by hospital visitors

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


David J. Birnbach
Effect of hand sanitizer location on hand hygiene compliance

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Laila Cure, Richard Van Enk
Hesitation and error: Does product placement in an emergency department influence hand hygiene performance?

American Journal of Infection Control 43, 9 (2015)


Jenny Stackelroth, Michael Sinnott, Ramon Z. Shaban
Patients’ potential role in the transmission of health care-associated infections: Prevalence of contamination with bacterial pathogens and patient attitudes toward hand hygiene


Nancy Istened, DO, CMD, James Bingham, MS, Susan Hazelett, RN, MS, et al.
Article Categories: Hand Hygiene Compliance,Hand Hygiene Guidelines,Hand Hygiene Promotion,Hand Washing Techniques,Patient Hand Hygiene,Point of Care,Product Efficacy
Patient-centered hand hygiene: The next step in infection prevention


Author(s): Timothy Landers, Said Abusalem, Mary-Beth Coty, James Bingham