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Efficacy of ethanol in hand hygiene against adenoviruses

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Günter Kampf
Utility of electronic hand hygiene counting devices for measuring physicians' hand hygiene adherence applied to outpatient settings

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Akie Arai, Masaki Tanabe, Akiko Nakamura, Daisuke Yamasaki, Yuichi Muraki, Toshihiro Kaneko, Ayako Kadowaki, Masaaki Ito
A novel type of hand hygiene technique

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Kashif Waqar Faiz, Antje Sundseth, Marianne Altmann
Impact of a hand hygiene campaign in a tertiary hospital in South Korea on the rate of hospital-onset methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia and economic evaluation of the campaign

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


June Young Chun, Hye Kyung Seo, Min-Kyung Kim, Myoung Jin Shin, Su Young Kim, Moonsuk Kim, Chung-Jong Kim, Kyoung-Ho Song, Eu Suk Kim, Heeyoung Lee, Hong Bin Kim
Effects of alcohol-based hand hygiene solutions on breath alcohol detection in the emergency department

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Beth L. Emerson, Travis Whitfill, Carl R. Baum, Katherine Garlin-Kane, Karen Santucci
Is hand hygiene frequency associated with the onset of outbreaks in pediatric long-term care?

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Bevin Cohen, Meghan Murray, Haomiao Jia, Olivia Jackson, Lisa Saiman, Natalie Neu, Gordon Hutcheon, Elaine Larson
Making change easy: A peer-to-peer guide on transitioning to new hand hygiene products

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Chingiz M. Amirov, Heather L. Candon, Latha Jacob
Effectiveness of a multimodal hand hygiene improvement strategy in the emergency department

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


P.R.H. Arntz, J. Hopman, M. Nillesen, E. Yalcin, C.P. Bleeker-Rovers, A. Voss, M. Edwards, A. Wei
A joint, multilateral approach to improve compliance with hand hygiene in 4 countries within the Baltic region using the World Health Organization's SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands model

American Journal of Infection Control (2016)


Birgitta Lytsy, Agita Melbarde-Kelmere, Anna Hambraeus, Anna Liubimova, Olov Aspevall
Patients’ potential role in the transmission of health care-associated infections: Prevalence of contamination with bacterial pathogens and patient attitudes toward hand hygiene


Nancy Istened, DO, CMD, James Bingham, MS, Susan Hazelett, RN, MS, et al.
Article Categories: Hand Hygiene Compliance,Hand Hygiene Guidelines,Hand Hygiene Promotion,Hand Washing Techniques,Patient Hand Hygiene,Point of Care,Product Efficacy
Patient-centered hand hygiene: The next step in infection prevention


Author(s): Timothy Landers, Said Abusalem, Mary-Beth Coty, James Bingham